Cynthia the Invincible

Cynthia the Invincible is a science fiction romance. Cynthia is marooned in the dim prehistory of Earth (1810).

On the run with from the alien Cataxi, an unlucky hit on her ship's jump unit traps the space pirate "Cynthia the Invincible" in Earth's dim prehistory. Marooned in 1810 she takes cover while the ship tries to repair itself. Since she enjoys playing the computer game "Jane Austen World" she hides in Regency England. She finds that real life in the Regency is different from the game in many ways. Especially when it comes to love and friendship.

There is a bit of strong language in the beginning of the book. It's there to help define Cynthia's character as a hard-drinking, hard-living tough woman. That said, the actual action is of the 'hug, kiss and fade' level of romance writing.