The French Orphan

The French Orphan is my second book. It's a sequel to my first book, and is better written. It focuses on what it must have been like to know that a military storm was brewing (Waterloo) while living in the quiet diplomatic backwater of Brussels. What should have been a final posting to a safe and calm post for Sir Simon and his wife Katherine becomes anything but that.

Henriette, a young Normal girl is adopted by the British military attache Sir Simon when she is orphaned by the death of her mother. Her mother had given Sir Simon critical support while on a scouting mission in Napoleonic France. Her story as she fits into Sir Simon's family forms the backdrop of the story. She struggles to understand the romantic complications that ensue from her Aunt's convoluted entanglements with a British officer, an American diplomat, a completely unsuitable Irish groom and the mysterious Comte de Belgade.