What About Cecelia?

Young, pretty Cecelia Wood has lived all her life in Penyclawdd at the Welsh border in the foothills of the scenic Black Mountains. Her life is turned upside down when the entailment on her home gives it to a distant cousin. The cousin, a captain returned from the war in Spain with severe battle stress, arrives with his fiancée. Sparks fly, and despite a tangled web of misunderstandings, Cecelia ends up with the man she loves.

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I experimented with trying to develop character in this book. Believe it or not, my favorite character is actually Walter Savage Landor. He was a bit larger than life, a romantic poet, loud, and occasionally a bit of a clown. If anything I've toned him down a little. The verses of his quoted in the book are typical of his work at the time, and I must add, not to modern tastes. Still they were well-liked at the time. One ongoing feature in the story is his willingness to read his work at the slightest provocation. Anyone who has lived with or befriended an author or authoress, knows full well that you have to occasionally tell them to not do that. Despite his versification, and being a "hopelessly romantic poet" he was good sensible company.