Thursday, September 25, 2014

The saga continues, or leading from behind.

Maybe tomorrow, we'll have real internet back and I can post something more interesting. In the meantime, my institution is rapidly destroying network access for anyone who isn't a member of the privileged few.

The latest bug-a-bear is this "shell shock virus"

  1. It's not a virus. It's a bug in bash. It can be used to craft attacks. That's all.
  2. You have to be running a service that invokes bash for it to work. So if you are using an antique website with cgi-bin then you are for it. Otherwise, not really.
  3. It is sort of slick.
  4. Yes you want to patch, and soon, but it is not an immediate threat.

Anyway my day-job machines are now offline because they run linux. Bloody idiots. Federally funded research is now hurt so that a bunch of buffed up little teapot emperors can feel good about themselves.

I wonder if they got their positions by purchase? Because they're just about as competent as the officers who invaded the lowlands of Holland in the 1790's without checking to see if they had enough soldiers.