Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Some old English

"And yet she lives" or what ever I'll call it is approaching completion (43000 words, complete story line, just needs some backfill and editing). So I've been sketching the next.

Since I'm thinking about submitting it as a short story, I'm not about to "screw the pooch" (astronaut speak for making a terrible mistake, as in "I just screwed the pooch, Kaboom") by prereleasing it.

However I can put up a few hints.

Steorrum is the dative plural of star. It means "To the Stars" Great idea for a title.
Orc means ghoul. Yes, Tolkien borrowed it.
Eorl (Earl) means a brave man.
Were is just any old man. So now you know where Werewolfe comes from (except wolf was probably not wolf).

I'm thinking of a space opera starting with the recruitment of a Saxon warrior as a mercenary. He's needed on a mission where blasters wouldn't work. Complications ensue. I'm toying with him returning in modern England, which could be even more fun.