Thursday, May 7, 2015

Another writing community.

I've been taking a look at tablo ( It's an interesting and possibly much better online writing tool than wattpad or writeon. A small startup in Australia, it has a witty banter in the header, a reliable conversion for *.docx files (even those from Libreoffice!) and works well.

The killer app for it is it's ability to analyze reading statistics. There's a free trial, which I haven't used yet, as I'm waiting for a statistically significant number of reads. It looks to be extremely powerful as an analytic tool.

Good points:
  • Clean interface
  • Reliable and easy conversion from word processor files. Word format is the most reliable.
  • Friendly chipper attitude. It is a pleasure to use.
  • There is a user community similar to that on writeon.
  • It is an aggregator like smashwords, but supports only Ios and Amazon
  • It is probably unable to take advantage of Kindle unlimited. This is a major drawback for me as about half my "sales" are made that way. It's a safe way for a reader to explore a relatively unknown author.