Monday, July 28, 2014

A Reference for Sherman's March

First I want to thank everyone who downloaded and looked at 'Charlotte'. Even though it can be disagreeable at times, as one of my friends -who is a boy scout leader - says, "feedback is a gift".

One of the two books I'm posting updates on is set at the end of the American Civil War and part way through reconstruction. It may seem odd, that as a Southerner I'm a little sympathetic to those Yankee vandals. When one actually looks at the record, Sherman's army was surprisingly well-behaved. Not uniformly well behaved, but by comparison to the legends of out-right rapine and destruction, they were angels. To put this in context, there were about 100,000 men marching from Atlanta to Savannah. If 1/100 were a troublemaker, there would be 1000, troublemakers.  1000 troublemakers is more than enough to do plenty of damage.

Much of my background comes from Noah Andre Trudeau's book 'Southern Storm' ISBN978-0-06-059867-9 which is a thorough and day by day account of the march. It even lets me know that the day my hero was in Covington in 1864 started out cloudy and ended with showers.