Wednesday, November 19, 2014


It's near the end of term, so I'm dreadfully busy with the "day job". I've made some writing progress.

The "Berkshire Lady" is at 11000 words. I've put in a parallel modern story, which gives it a paranormal twist. I'll have to see how that works, but so far I think it's pretty neat. The 1700 part of the book is almost entirely from the heroine's view, while the modern part is from the hero's (mostly).

"The Mysterious Mr. Willis" is about 17000 words. Trying to make sure I put "hooks" into the various chapters, and don't write something that is too much like old-fashioned "hard science fiction" where the emphasis was on the gizmos and not plot or character.  It's also a harder book to write because the narrator has to stay away from what Mr. Willis is doing - otherwise it's not very mysterious.