Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A teaser.

While I'm still debating with myself how much to put here, I'm happy to put a teaser.  The book I'm working on right now is "A Dark Place." It's an experiment at writing a Gothic romance in the spirit of works like "the Castle of Udolpho" with skeletons and all that rubbish.

It starts with a grave robbing, and the heroine waking up shortly before she's anatomized. She remembers almost nothing of her former life, and the doctor who was about to dissect her is the classic combination of stud and mystery. (Although he is careful to follow the conventions.  In Regency times holding hands without gloves before marriage was a serious event.)  Via a complicated set of twistings and turnings, including being an abortive wedding with someone else, they finally hitch up.

I've had difficulties with scrivener keeping things I wanted to change. Decorrecting spellings and various mysterious ghostly happenings. I want those in the plot, not the word-processor. So while it's great for laying out the plot, I've reverted to doing the actual writing with LibreOffice.