Monday, March 9, 2015


I'm thinking of trying #PitMad on twitter. Apparently you can make up to 24 pitch attempts for your new, ready to go, and unpublished work. The idea is that you tweet a 140 (-7 -4) character tweet that sells your book and the agents who like it will let you know.  The tweets are tagged with #PitMad and #<type of book>

It's one of those 80% investments with low odds, but high returns if it works.

My latest "After the Convergence" is ready. This is something of an accident, but one should never look a gift computer in the chips.

Now how to write 24 selling tweets. It's harder than it sounds. I'm up to 13.

Here are a few of my better ones.

In a future where self-aware computers monitor their humans, PI Blake hacks his way to save a missing girl, only to find love. #PitMad #SFF

In a world where everything is watched, a hard boiled detective seeks a missing girl; finds more than he bargained for. #PitMad #SFF

After the convergence. A dead partner, a missing girl, rage against intelligent machines and a detective. #PitMad #R