Thursday, June 25, 2015

Visit to Avesbury

We had a chance to visit Avesbury. It's something of a family ritual. Fortunately we missed the Solstice as it was apparently full of various new age types. Saw a few of the stragglers, but they were hanging around the pub. Outside, of course, and drinking their lunch. We ate inside, the Red Lion is a decent place with good food. I should add, the National Trust has a nearby restaurant, but it's full of veggie and organic stuff. However, if I'm coming to England I want my pint, fish and chips. The great thing at Avesbury is there are many walks for 'sobbering up' (the BAC limits in the UK are rather strict.)

These flowers are from a field on Windmill Hill, near Avesbury. The idea is to encourage the native bees. It seemed to work, as there was a constant buzzing sound.

The view from Windmill Hill of Avesbury.

Silbury Hill, the flat-topped round hill in the distance, is always worth a look. Don't forget I have a free book offer Friday-Saturday.