Saturday, July 18, 2015

After the convergence #3 8-10 sentences for #WeWriWa

Introducing Sarah

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors.  This is a sample from my latest work, and I hope you enjoy it. It continues after Alan has been interviewed by the machine. This selection is part of where Sarah Gonzales is introduced. She's important, mostly by her absence in the first part of the book - she disappears - but takes a much more active role later. This shows where her fantasy life collides with her reality.

Then he moved up and kissed her neck, and finally her mouth. She guided his hand down between her legs, loosening her for what she both feared and desired.
Sarah moaned, and then awoke. Her mother was knocking on her door.
“Sarah, get up! It’s almost time for school.”
“Mother, I was having the best dream, ever.”
“You don’t want to end up on relief or in prison like my no good husband, do you?”
“Then you need to get to school. Get good grades and go to a good school. Stop reading that romantic trash."

This work was recently published and is available for Kindle, including Kindle unlimited. It is a dark, noir detective story set in the near future, after machines have become intelligent. It uses a number of engineering/science puns - the "mutual impedance society." 
Available here.