Saturday, July 4, 2015

After the convergence  #1 8-10 sentences for #WeWriWa

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. This is my first posting. This is a sample from my latest work, and I hope you enjoy it.

“There’s this man, my boyfriend, I want him followed.”
“Stalking’s illegal,” I said, “Unless you need information, but why not ask?”
“The machine? No thanks. Anyway he’s a geek, a real hacker. Knows his way around the net.” She paused, “and outside of it.”

I wondered if we were meeting with a member of the mutual impedance society. In which case, Paul and I were in for a few days of intense questioning. That is if we were innocent. 

This work was recently published and is available for Kindle, including Kindle unlimited. It is a dark, noir detective story set in the near future, after machines have become intelligent. It uses a number of engineering/science puns - the "mutual impedance society." 
Available here.