Friday, August 22, 2014

Trying pre-order for Cecelia

I just put "What about Cecelia" up on Kindle's pre-order. Curious to see how well it works.  For that matter, does it work at all?

There will be some minor changes, but it's complete. Most of the changes will involve things like an index and re-reading it thoroughly with a different grammar and spelling checker. (I do check these things. If there's weird grammar, it's usually there for a reason).

Here's the final cover:
and the (draft) blurb

Young, pretty Cecelia Wood has lived all her life in Penyclawdd at the Welsh border in the foothills of the scenic Black Mountains. Her life is turned upside down when the entailment on her home gives it to a distant cousin. The cousin, a captain returned from the war in Spain with severe battle stress, arrives with his fiancée. Sparks fly, and despite a tangled web of misunderstandings, Cecelia ends up with the man she loves.