Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Who do I write like? is a website that claims to analyze your writing. So far I've got:
  • H.P. Lovecraft (Katherine's Choice)
  • William Shakespeare (The French Orphan)
  • James Joyce (Charlotte)
  • James Joyce (Cecelia (unpublished, draft on blog and wattpad))
  • Jane Austen (Cecelia Chapter 2 - go figure).
  • Margarete Mitchell (Civil War Story (unpublished, draft on blog and wattpad))
A friend of mine came out with David Foster Wallace, and her writing is nothing like his.

Quite a mix. Doubt it has any great meaning, but it is fun.

I read a blog post about this site. It uses a Bayesian classifier. Pity it doesn't give you a certainty or precision for the score. (It also only has 54 or so authors).