Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Free Advertising

I noticed something rather neat, when I was googling myself. is taking reviews from goodreads. Some of my reviews were showing up. These were for classics that were probably under-reviewed, but none the less it felt nice. This suggests a stealth advertising strategy.

  1. list books you like on goodreads.
  2. review them. Be accurate and amusing. I suspect the amusing helps. For example when reviewing "uncle dynamite" or one of the "Uncle Fred" series of books by P.G. Wodehouse I pointed out that while I liked Uncle Fred, I was glad I wasn't married to him.
  3. Wait for them to be linked back to your goodreads account. 
It's a little bit karma intensive, but it is potentially a great side-effect of keeping your audience informed about what you like to read and why.