Tuesday, October 28, 2014


One of the things I was doing as I tried to write historically accurate novels was to read as much historically accurate documentation as I could. This includes at least scanning the fiction of the time, as well as reading about exactly how much the living at the parish that included the town of Rhossili made. ( £102.15.0)

There was one interesting, at least to me, side effect. My pacing slowed down to match that of the literature I was reading. Most of the fictional books of the time were written to be read out loud and are paced too slowly for modern tastes. Since there was little else to do in the evenings, reading out loud took the place of radio or TV today.  I wasn't necessarily more wordy, but I wrote slower action.

My latest, Cynthia the Invincible, which will be out in kindle scout on Thursday, has a much faster, more modern pace. Since it is science fiction, albeit largely set in Regency Brighton and thereabouts, I didn't have to try to be accurate.

I did my best to avoid real skiamorphs, like horses that were as easy to ride long distances as it is to drive a car or impossible timings. That said, some of the events (especially those involving the Prince Regent) are based on actual historical events. These include things like his annual August 12th birthday party, and one infamous night with an air-rifle. On the other hand, there's no evidence he ever tried to play 'strip piquet' with a marked deck.