Saturday, August 1, 2015

After the convergence #5 8-10 sentences for #WeWriWa

Back to Alan's Story.

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors.  This is a sample from my latest work, and I hope you enjoy it. The story continues. This is where Sarah's thread crosses back with the narrators (Alan's).  Alan, recovering from the mother and father of a hangover (he'd gone to mourn his partner), lets his "housekeeper" in. She is Mrs. Gonzales, Sarah's mother and clearly upset. Shortly after this snippet, Alan agrees to look for Sarah.

We usually didn’t say much, but her “Hello Mr. Blake, how are you?” was muted this morning, and it wasn’t just my hangover. After I swallowed a few pills and drank a liter of water, I noticed she was softly crying while she vacuumed.
I stopped her and asked, “Mrs. Gonzales? What’s wrong?”
“Nothing bad, Sarah was selected. She called me from the car on her way to the Academy. She was so happy and excited, but I haven’t heard anything else. Someone came and took her stuff.” I remembered Sarah was her daughter. I met her once or twice, maybe, a bright young thing, the apple of her mother’s eye, but not much to look at.

This work was recently published and is available for Kindle, including Kindle unlimited. It is a dark, noir detective story set in the near future, after machines have become intelligent. It uses a number of engineering/science puns - the "mutual impedance society." 
Available here.