Saturday, August 29, 2015

A designing woman #2 for #WeWriWa

More from the Pre-steampunk book

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors.  This is a sample from my latest work in progress, "A Designing Woman", and I hope you enjoy it. Mr. Williams has come for a visit, the day after the assembly, and is now walking with Amanda on their way to the riverbank. They'd have seen her workshop, but for wearing their good clothes. He's just asked her about the papers he read (in last weeks snippet).

“What papers?”
“The ones in the library; I must say, you have a fine hand.”
“I hope you didn't mix them up, they were in order.”
“No, I could see that.” Then Mr. Williams gently chided her, “May I add, that 'Principles of Mechanics' is an unusual read for a young lady. I'd have thought 'the Mysteries of Udolpho' or some such romance would be to your liking.”
Amanda stopped short. She was about to reply sharply, and then noticed the smile on his face, “You're teasing me, aren't you?”
“I never saw the point in those books, all heartthrob and passion in some made up land; I want to do real things.”

This is a work in progress. Here are links on tablo and authonomy.  Apparently Steampunk implies Victorian, Dieselpunk the 1920's. What-punk should a Regency period book be? Horse-punk isn't right.
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I'm calling this proto-steampunk simply because I was told in no uncertain terms that "steampunk" meant Victorian with ubiquitous steam technology. Amanda's working before that and during the Regency, so it cannot be steampunk.